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McGarrys Design Partnership have built a strong reputation over the last 5 years for delivering design excellence and high quality projects, Andrew has 17 years’ experience in the sector and provides cost effective solutions every time which are very pleasing and aim to exceed our client's aspirations and objectives.

We enjoy working on a range of projects throughout the North West of England which include Residential, mixed use Commercial, Private and Public developments.

From our office in Horwich Bolton, we have a vast range of experience at our disposal to assist all clients with the house extension process from Design and planning Procedure, Architectural Construction, Structural Designs and all major specialists concerned to achieve the requirementRead our previous clients Reveiews on the forum page to confirm whats being said

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Full project drawings include BOTH Planning and Building Regulations drawings where as other companies just do one or the other we do them both!! 

This is the project price for basic extensions, larger extension prices can be seen on project services page 

How do I move from an enquiry through to a completed project?

Firstly, phone McGarrys office, call anytime answer machine used if unreachable Available Mon-Sun 9:00am - 9:00pm And tell me what you want to do with your house or within your project

I can then arrange a free of charge site visit so that we can look at your situation in more detail together. We can prepare initial sketches prior to creating detailed drawings in order to achieve what is needed. Then after we have gone through the drawing stages we can make a planning application on your behalf then after approval make a building regulation application on your behalf. These detailed drawings are enough to aid builders so they can give you quotations, we are a very reasonably priced architectural firm in Bolton many have said as excessive charges for drawings can put you off getting the work done. We also have the expertise to undertake any work specified by you correctly, as an incorrect job can devalue your property so get the drawings and project done right first time. We have 17 years’ experience within the architectural sector providing building and planning design

Areas covered for house extension planning & building regulations :

1.      Bolton house extensions drawings (all postcode area covered)

2.      . Wigan house extensions drawings  (all postcode area covered)3.      Rochdale house extensions drawings  (all postcode area covered)

4.      Manchester house extensions drawings  (all postcode area covered)5.      Chorley house extensions drawings  (all postcode area covered)

6.      Bury house extensions drawings (all postcode area covered)

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