Since April i have been very busy with an multiple development  in Lostock including developments around TPO's trying to please the planning officers and my clients. The drawings for this project have now been finished and submitted. Over the past few weeks there seems to have been a trend with dormers and loft conversions which i am convinced is more of a seasonal thing. This is said due to people contacting me at different times over the year with regards extensions and they are always, or mostly the same type at times of the year this might just be coincidence though.  Telford street is progressing nicely, currently block 1 and block 6 have been drawn and we are on hold until these are built before creating drawings for block 2. This morning June 25th i have been presented with another new project  of 4 detached houses in Lostock to be drawn, planning has now been achieved by Frank Whittaker and i am to create building regulation drawings, after this we are to create 8 new footballers houses in Bolton but as yet this is in the early stages of talks but is set to proceed within the next month or so.
I have been creating planning and building regulation drawings for a few interesting  double storey and single storey extensions in Westoughton, Astley Bridge and Deane all which have been submitted now and recommended for approval by the planning officers.