Over the last few months i have been contacted by numerous people to create project drawings for jobs that have been refused when designed by other firms, McGarrys Design have considered all the previous planning objections and neighbouring comments to create acceptable designs for all.
Thses projects are is 35 Brindley Close , 15 Limefield, 177 Warmsley old rd and 219 Church street, 15 Limefield Ave Has been refused planning previously due to boundary problems and distances to a side wall from on looking principle window. McGarrys Design have now created designs within permitted development which was not considered before to achieve the required space at the side and sought a lawful certificate as planning would again be refused if sought so this is the best procedure to achieve anything,. So a side extension was designed with first floor bathroom extension, this was designed in accordance to Town and Country Planning Act 1985 guideline’s (has now passed Febuary 2012)
35 Brindley Close Received positive pre-application advise before submission and has now been passed  April 2012. The original issues where the on looking distances from neighbouring windows to the gable walls which was not considered by other professional bodies but McGarrys Design have encompassed acceptable distances to the new design and obtained structural calcs for supports to first floor walls, drawings will be shown on portfolio soon. The existing garage is to be converted into a new children’s play area with rear kitchen extension and the bathroom is to be relocated above, the staircase will be moved adjacent the play area thus making the landing larger and gaining more room for the new bedroom
177 Warmsley Old Rd My client is a car enthusiast and has 7 cars which due to cost need to be housed over night for insurance purpose. They have had other companies design and submit planning applications but have resulted in failure so McGarrys Design have been contacted and briefed and have suggested one large side garage with full roof over the existing garage and new in the hipped formation as the house. New designs and drawings take into consideration all previous objections and show distances to neighbouring houses taken by laser justifying all new distances to walls and indicating all actual boundary positions. The new roof is massive and blends in nicely with the existing house and surrounding area although very large is not disproportionate and has now been passed March 2012

219 Church Street This property was previously a frame shop and due to expense and objections in the area/neighbours it has not yet had the front changed to a residential house as required. McGarrys Design have been contacted and encompassed all the guidelines and concerns into a new design of the front which has now had positive pre-application advise and was submitted March 2012. This property as well as having the front changed they have now decided to amend the interior to achieve a new dining room with front lobby, the new dining area is to have the fire place removed creating more space and my structural engineer will design beams adequate and all the walls surrounding the newly created room will be dry lined as client has concerns of insulated walls due them being Victorian solid 150mm thick adjoining walls. Also for the next job of moving the position of the stairs, the central solid dividing wall is to have door located ready and will have the shop hatch sealed. A positive application outcome is expected due to planning feedback