Since June we have been extremely busy with residential extensions, including bungalow extensions/dormers, many garage conversions and new garages, a few single storey and some double storey up and over garage extensions 

The bungalow extension in Westoughton have been designed which creates a ‘U’ shaped house and a court yard; this has needed a considerable amount of planning liaison’s due to the unnecessary objections. We have recently heard this will still go ahead despite five objections due to my discussions with planning and correctly planned out extension considering all the correct design aspects for this, the only alteration expected (highways to confirm) will be the garage size which is to be reduced everything else will be as designed. I have also done a bungalow extension in Blackrod which has recently had three objections and resulted in many meeting including a site visit from the planning committee and myself; these objection’s where also found to be not valid and the extension was approved by planning beginning on August exactly as drawn. Over the past month, (August) I have met up with a Solar panel firm (Solar Professionals) who I am now doing drawing for all over the North West illustrating how these panels will fit on certain roofs aiding the creation of solar energy. I am using a ‘Disto’ which is an inferred laser tape which is giving me the advantage of gaining the size of the roof façade and angle, this is enabling my drawings that where very accurate before to be even more accurate and number perfect with regards sizes of houses. Currently I am designing and creating drawings for a large side extension with integral garage to a semi-detached house in Bolton and a double storey extension up and over the garage with many internal alterations. I am able to do this aided by my structural engineer who I work closely with, drawings to be published soon. I also now have the advantage of providing a new service of specifying brick matching for all my extensions which is a great planning aid for all my clients and builders, I have been contacted by a firm in Bolton who visit my clients and find the exact bricks to be used. This is also an advantage to my clients with regards costs and quality as they have guaranteed a price comparison service whilst making many visits ensuring the correct brick is used which is an important part of the job.

The most exciting recent job I am doing is a large extension in Rivington, Georges Lane which is within the GreenBelt area of Bolton. So far the existing has been surveyed and drawings created and a meeting has already taken place with Bolton planning officers discussing possible developments enabling us to design an adequate double storey extension with garage which I suspect is to be integrated now not separate as initially requested by my client, drawings for this exiting project will be posted when complete.