Since the company began in August 2008 emphasis has been around double/single storey extensions and loft conversions, some people have even requested their bungalows to be transformed by internal alterations and with the addition of full size front and back dormer extensions.

I have designed many different types and sizes of dormers for bungalows and all creations have greatly enhanced the lives of families with the additional space. I perform all the construction stages of a project; existing, initial drawings and final drawings before submission for planning and then building regulations. Not all projects need full plans submitted some projects have a building notice submitted after the planning stage or miss planning as they have been designed in accordance to permitted development criteria.

I have a speciality and passion in designing three storey extensions, which has been a welcomed and appreciated addition to clients due to the extra floor they didn’t even expect. Many of these developments have been built by my recommended builders who are experienced in building the approved plans.

December 2008 in received a large job in Bolton, it involved designing and achieving building regulations (planning had already been achieved due to the green belt) for a fishery. This was a first for McGarrys Design and I gained all the appropriate structural and heating calcs as well as design requirements sought to achieve the objective, Drawings can be seen on portfolio.


Throughout 2009 my company was becoming more and more recognised by developers and prospective clients looking for different things, as well as the mentioned I have created Solicitors offices, created shops with the addition of flats above, converted dis-used pubs into single houses and flats and have even built single new dwellings with the aid of my services to achieve all requirements. For all these developments I have gained planning permission and building regulation approval. Since December 2009 I have started a farmhouse alteration/extension and total refurbishment within a greenbelt area of Knowsley. Greenbelt is defined as open space and retaining the area of natural beauty ( Gaining planning permission to build within these areas is extremely difficult and is really one for a specialist firm such as McGarrys Design Partnership.

Over the past years by working for others and myself I have gained allot of knowledge about planning policies and extensions so 99% of my initial designs are accepted by planning, since January 2010 I have been contacted by a client asking me to design a complete new farm house within a green belt area of Lostock, Bolton. Throughout this project so far I have had many meetings with the client to justify reasons ‘FOR’ the farm house to be built as stipulated in PPS7 (drawings to follow shortly)
Over the early months of 2010 as well as achieving planning permission for sites with greenbelt areas, I have carried on with the usual double and single storey extensions some of which need planning some are permitted development.